Exercises for test automation of web applications

Note: Some of these exercises are random generated. We use peseudo random generatator that is seeded to assure that everyone gets his or her version of the exercise. If you do not provide the seed, it is generated as a UUID.
If you want to get the same version of the exercise (i.e., the same instruction and solution) each time you execute your automata, you can provide your own seed as a parameter in the URL for the exercise:
Your generated seed is: 3fea9aa2-49af-429e-8e5c-1d176381a600.
If you do not like it, generate and provide your own.

General intoductory exercises

Exercises for Certified Selenium Tester Foundation Level

These exercises allow you to check the practical knowledge of Selenium Webdriver, as it is described in Chapter 3 - Using Selenium Webdriver in A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation Syllabus. The titles of the exercises refer to learning objectives of the syllabys.
STF-3.2 Navigate to different URLs using WebDriver commands
STF-3.3 Change window context in web browsers using WebDriver commands
STF-3.4 Capture screenshots of web pages using WebDriver commands
STF-3.5 Locate GUI elements using various strategies
STF-3.6 Get state of GUI elements using WebDriver commands
STF-3.7 Interact with GUI elements using WebDriver commands
STF-3.8 Interact with user prompts in web browsers using WebDriver commands

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